Training times:

Monday and Wednesday from 6pm to 7pm.

This introductory course was created for those who have little or no experience in training programming and in the use of the functional gym tools and equipment. Our goal is to improve strength, body awareness, coordination and condition. Within two months, the participants will learn the safe use of the functional equipment and gain insights into the training programming so that, later on they can individually create their own workout plans.

The programme includes a condition check and mobility check before the trainee enters the world of Thor. This is necessary, because it can detect the possible weaknesses or  one-sidedness.

All of this is done based on the principle of graduation, with many repetitions and exercises, with controlled surveys from time to time. THOR ROOKIE COURSE is not only recommended for beginners, it is recommended to everyone.

The course is based on Dan John’s Intervention programme. which consists of separating the exercises to five main groups. These five groups indicate the five basic movements, which are: PUSH, CARRY, HINGE, SQUAT, PULL.

The programme divides each movement into sequences, like slow motion, symmetry, and explosive motion.

Every class of the course has five parts, which are the following: coordination, mobility, learning exercise, strength development and metabolic spin.

Who will be your coach?

Your coach will be Ruippo Timi, who is in the fitness industry for many years and dedicates plenty of time to improve herself as a Thor Functional Movement Coach. Read more about her on this site.

It’s a course that is designed for anyone who wants to begin functional training, or restart it!

The next course will start on the 2nd of January!

💪 We start all the movements from the basics, therefore it is perfect for beginners, or clients that feel like rejoining after a missed period of time ❗️
❓What is this program, and why is it so successful?❓
✅ Condition / Movement test
✅ Teaches you the basic movements, needed for functional trainings
✅ You get your own coach, this means outstanding supervision during the sessions
✅  Learning how to correctly and  properly use equipment found in the gym (TRX, KETTLEBELL, BARBELL USAGE AS WELL BODYWEIGHT)
✅  The sessions are never dull and never the same
💪  If you agree that next to being healthy the quality of work you do is important…..
💪 If you want your own coach, that helps design a program that’s made just for you…..
💪 Join our functional training world, and register as soon as possible so that you don’t miss out‼️Don’t stress about being new, we here at Thor have a great community that does not judge, in fact we take pride in how we all help each other reach all our individual goals ❗️

Bring something to drink and towel, and Yourself in a flat-footed shoe or barefootly. 🙂

Training times:

Monday and Wednesday from 6pm to 7pm.

Prices: Monthly ticket is 17 900 HUF

For more information call us or send e-mail. 🙂

To register, click on the link below and choose Thor Gym Veresegyház,

and the date „2023-01-02 18:00”.